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Mature stories is a sensual blog that will stimulate your raw senses for passion, lust and longings for your most forbidden sexual fantasies. The stories posted in this blog will ignite your lust and make you squirm while you are reading them.

All stories are strictly straight stories involving only male with female during act of love making. Most of these stories shall mostly involve sexual relation between family members so those of you who are offended with such genre should avoid reading these stories. We also like to make clear that all of these stories are not real and none of the characters depict any real person(s). These stories are pure fantasies only meant for one’s self stimulation and enjoyment.

Mature Stories is not a profit making blog and is solely meant to entertain people of all classes. We don’t intend to put any advertisement or make commercial use of this blog. The Author of this blog is author of most of the stories you may find on this blog. We also invite authors from the same genre to post us with their stories. Your stories will only be posted if they are hot and stimulating enough.

We wish you enjoy the blog.

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